Rules & Regulation

Students are subject to rules of conduct and behavior framed by the authorities of the College.

  • College working hours are: 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
  • The College bell is given 5 minutes prior to the start of the morning and afternoon sessions.
  • When you hear the bell, please hasten towards your class room. Except under special conditions, late comers are not allowed to enter class without a note from the Principal. Without the lecturer's permission students are not permitted to leave class.
  • As per university regulations, 75% attendance is compulsory. Otherwise, students cannot appear for the University Examinations. Absence from class must be justified with the concerned of HOD/Class teacher. Absence for more than three days for reasons of health requires a medical certificate. Producing a medical certificate however does not entitle a student to get attendance.
  •  Participation in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities inside or outside the campus is not counted as absence from class. Attendance will be counted only when a copy of the participation certificate or a note from the concerned teacher is produced immediately before the vice principal (Academics) or an Officer authorised by him.
  • It is necessary to score a minimum of 40% to pass in any subject in the semester examination.
  • One internal examinations are conducted for Bsc degree & Dilpoma and marks are considered for internal assessment.
  • The college takes note of serious misbehaviour, insubordination, habitual tardiness, irregular work habits or obscenity which are punishable by fine, suspension or dismissal. The College is declared an alcohol-smoke-drug-free area and offenders face dismissal.
  • Misbehaviour outside the College, besides affecting the reputation of the College, has an impact on the students community. The College reserves the right to take such action and make such rules are necessary in the interest of the general student community to deal with such misbehaviour.
  •  The students are required to wear college Identity Card on all college working days. Failure to wear the college identity card will be treated as misconduct and such students will be barred from entering the college and class room.
  • Use of mobile phones is forbidden inside the academic blocks.
  • The management is not responsible for the safety of valuables of students.
  • The students are warned they must follow all the safety regulations while conducting practicals in the laboratories and the management is not responsible for any physical damage or mishap that might occur out of students negligence.
  • The marks card of the first internal test during the First Semester is given personally by the class teacher to the parent/guardian within three weeks of the test. Parents/guardians are requested to carefully go through the marks and take steps to improve performance whenever necessary.
  • First, Second & third Year students are required to dress in the uniform stipulated by the College. All students' are expected to be dressed neatly and decently. They are not expected to wear T- shirts and jeans in the campus.
  • Every student is expected to display the identity card on his person for easy identification.
  • Students vehicles may be parked and locked in the allotted place only. However, the College is not responsible for their safety.
  • During the mid-session break of 30 minutes between 10.30 am and 11.00 am, students are not allowed to leave the campus without written permission from the Principal.
  • Students who do not live with their parents or in the Hostel are required to inform the Dean about the details of their place of residence.
  • Use of cell phones in the campus is banned by the university. Mere possession of a cell phone during university examinations may result in losing the exam.
  • Change of permanent address must be notified to the College office.
  • Those who wish to leave College for any reason will be given a TC only on payment of all fees payable for the remaining semesters and clearing any other dues. Such students have to return any scholarship, stipend or financial assistance given.
  • I Abide all the rules & regulation of college, unacceptable behavior may dismiss to cancellation of admission
  • Down Payment & Post dated cheques should be given during admission. Rs. 300/- will be charged bounced cheque.
  • Examination fees- Regular / ATKT / Convocation fees should be paid separately as per university rules.
  • Student admission is provisional subject to confirmation by the university.
  • Admission cancellation Policy- Deduction in Total Course Fees-
    June – July – 20%
    August – September – 40%
    October – November – 60%
    December – January – 80%
    February – March – 100%
  • No loitering/roaming during the lecture on staircase or passage.
  • Students should be in uniform in the college from the first day of the college.
  • Attendance is compulsory for all classes & practical as per norms laid down by universities
  • Training restaurants rules should be followed strictly.
  • Students should wear their ID cards daily in the college timing, if found not wearing it will be fined
    Rs.50/- (Rs.150/- will be charged for duplicated ID card)
  •  Students should use their own toolkit & uniforms instead of using others.
  • They should use washed & ironed uniforms, polished shoes with black socks is compulsory.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory as per the university norms and court order.
  • Prior application for the leave is compulsory. Half day leave application should be with parent’s
  • Students coming late to the college will not be permitted to attend any lectures or practical.
  • No spitting in college premises, if found then they will be punished.
  • Grooming is compulsory on daily basis, or else student will be punished.
  • Students have to complete their due fee before February (every year).
  • Arrangement of desk and chairs should not be disturbed. Those found doing so, will be punished.
  •  Student remaining absent without informing will be punished.
  • 120 working days industrial training is compulsory for every student as per the curriculum.
  • Industrial Visit/ Study Tour is compulsory for every student. (Extra charge depending upon the